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RL 411

3 credits

42, 44.07


North American Indians: Myth and Religion


This course is an introduction to the myths and legends of North American Indians and to the role of the medicine man in this culture.

RP 400

3 credits

42, 44.07 51.1601


Essentials of Distance Education


This course is often the student's first opportunity to try a distance learning format. It is designed to aid the student through his or her distance education journey. It will help the student know what is expected for distance learning and aid the student in finding the answers needed to accomplish this goal. Finally, this course will prepare the student on how to begin college writing.

RP 401

5 Credits

42, 44.07 51.1601


Research Project: Basics for Research


Students will become familiar with basic research techniques through study and hands on activities such as conducting interviews and writing abstracts. This course will cover topics such as strategies and storage of data collected, ethics and confidentiality, interviewing, and analysis. This course is designed to guide and assist the student with the basics needed to conduct a research project prior to the completion of a formal thesis.

RP 600

4 credits

42, 44.07 51.1601


Data Gathering and Analysis


This course focuses on data collection from the standpoint of knowledge dissemination and utilization. This focus requires students to understand the process of data gathering from the perspectives of research and development, social science, and problem formation and solution. This course also reviews statistical inference and description. These competencies are addressed by topic in the course presentation.

RP 601

3 credits

42, 44.07, 51.1601


Research Methods


This is a survey course on research in the managerial, natural, and social sciences. It focuses on the 'whys' and 'hows' of doing research including the areas of experimental design, data collection, types of data analysis, and presentation of results. While we explore the kinds of analysis data are subjected to and when each kind is most useful for enabling us to draw reliable conclusions, there is no actual statistical analysis in this course.

RP 602

3 credits

42, 44.07 51.1601


Professional Publishing Methods


Publishing one's work in books, journals, or magazines can boost one's career, but having an advanced degree does not guarantee that a person will be published. In this course, the student will learn how to develop ideas for publication in books, professional and popular journals, how to sell those ideas to editors, and how to write books and articles in plain and understandable English.

RP 605

10 credits

42, 44.07, 51.1601


Research Project


The Ph.D. candidate will demonstrate, using standard research methods, new knowledge in a field of study that represents his/her degree path. A Précis, outlining the topic and a specific problem to be solved, must be submitted to the candidate's committee for pre-approval. Depending on the nature of the research, the candidate will be required to prove or disprove a stated solution or theory through documented research, data gathering, and data analysis. A summation of the findings must be submitted in written form. The written research project will be included in the candidate's dissertation as an appendix, with its own bibliography.