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EN 400

4 credits

42, 44.07, 51.12, 51.1601


Basic English for General and Practical Communications


This course is designed as a refresher course for students who are not confident with their level of English usage. This course will explore the basic conventions of Standard American Usage, beginning at the word level and proceeding through the sentence, paragraph, and document level. If studied diligently, this course will enable the student to use the dialect known as Standard American English with confidence in everyday personal and work situations.

EN 401

3 credits

42, 44.07, 51.12, 51.1601


College Essay Writing


This course is designed to teach essay writing in four traditional modes: narration, process, comparison / contrast, and argumentation. Through a step-by-step procedure the student will gain mastery of the formats for these essay modes and practice in writing for academic purposes.

EN 402

3 credits

42, 44.07, 51.12, 51.1601


Critical Thinking Skills for Analyzing Written and Spoken English


This course is designed to teach the student practical critical thinking skills which will enhance their ability to detect fallacious reasoning, sly turns of speech, hidden agendas, and other manners and methods of double speak and persuasion. This course will enhance the student's ability to think clearly about issues presented to them in daily life and problem-solving skills useful to many professions and endeavors.

ES 400

5 credits

42, 51.12


Esoteric Healing Remedies


Vibrational remedies are subtle energy stimuli, which interact with the energy systems of the human body to help stabilize physical, emotional, mental and spiritual conditions. These energy remedies include light, color, magnetism, electromagnetism, electricity, sound and fragrance. They are scientifically measurable. This course will explore the healing capacity of color, healing stones, sound and fragrance.

ES 407

3 credits

42, 44.07, 51.12, 51.1601


Medical Astrology


This course is an in-depth study of the horoscope as it relates to disease conditions and the nutritional supplements herbs, flower remedies, aromas, crystals and gemstones used in the healing process.

ES 410

3 credits

42, 51.12


Beginning Astrology


The student will learn the basics and fundamentals of astrology, the meaning of the signs, planets, houses, progressions and transits.

ES 414

3 credits

42, 51.12


Intermediate Astrology


The student will learn of the various time cycles in Astrology, which help to create the cycles and events in our lives.