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Physical Therapy Assistant 56 Credit Hours

Westbrook University in conjunction with Center IMT Is proud to offer this Diploma program. It constitutes 15 courses plus a clinical externship. For a detailed curriculum sheet, please call our Admissions Director at 1-800-447-6496

CRT 102 Bach Flower Remedies - 5 Credits

HS 462 Bach Flower Remedies

This course is designed to give a thorough working knowledge of the Bach Flower Remedies. The student will learn the properties of all 38 remedies and how to recognize indications for individual remedies as they manifest in emotions and personality types.


CRT 103 Reflexology - 2 Credits

HS 597 Reflexology

This course covers the history, science, and current techniques of reflexology as it is used around the world. Reflexology is a technique of stimulating specific points on the body to increase circulation and aid relaxation. Theory, techniques, and methods of assessing the feet and hands will be explored.


CRT 104 Nutritional Counseling and Hair Mineral Analysis - 5 Credits

HS 457 Nutritional Counseling and Hair Mineral Analysis

A study of the scientific literature regarding minerals and their relation to biochemistry. The student will learn the theoretical concepts involved in interpretation of the test and clinical observations regarding the use of hair mineral analysis for understanding body chemistry, preventing illness, designing corrective programs, and monitoring progress. The laboratory procedures necessary will be explained.


CRT 108 Nutritional Counseling - 15 Credits

HS 451 Introduction to Nutrition

This course provides the student with an in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of basic nutrition. Through the course of study, the student will learn aspects of gastrointestinal nutrition, basic minerals, vitamin and enzyme nutrition, as well as an introduction to the study of amino acids and other pertinent nutrients.

HS 452 Applied Nutrition

This course provides the student with an intensive study of how nutritional applications can correct specific disorders of the body. Through dietary nutritional programs, the student will learn to counteract deficiencies by utilizing nutrition and diet for optimal health.

HS 455 Dietary Nutrition

This course is a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of various dietary regimens focusing on nutritional, spiritual, and social belief systems concerning foods. Vegetarianism, macrobiotics, raw food, food combining, hereditary predispositions, and health fads will be explored. Specific dietary recommendations for ailments such as candidacies, hypoglycemia, allergies, pre-menstrual, and auto-immune deficiency syndromes will be covered.

HS 469 Nutritional Herbology

This course provides the student with a nutritional profile for over 106 commonly used herbs and natural foods. These nutritional profiles of herbs provide the basis for analyzing traditional uses of each herb and the most popular herbal combinations and formulas. Students will learn the history and use of these herbs with the nutritional profile to explain and interpret many historical uses of herbs as foods and medicines. Herbal or Botanical Science is rapidly playing a major role in 21st century medicine and health care. This course will empower the student with special knowledge about herbs and their nutritional value.


CRT 108 Nutritional Counseling - 16 Credits

NU 405 New Concepts of Nutrition I

An introduction to the way food is utilized by the human body for building healthy tissue. Emphasis is placed upon the importance of whole and living foods as provided by nature. The student will learn the important properties of specific foods and how they benefit various systems of the body. A Master Feeding Program will be detailed which includes guidelines for all of the nutrients a person needs for optimum health, vitality, and longevity.

NU 460 Newer Concepts of Nutrition II

This course is an extension of nutritional principles introduced in Newer Concepts of Nutrition I. Protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, and whole foods are discussed according to the ways they are used by the body. Body systems are examined and the foods which are best for strengthening each one. The student will learn how certain foods can overcome nutritional deficiencies and allergies, and how they can build immunity. Selecting and preparing foods for the best nutritional value for adults as well as children is explained.

NU 650 Nutritional Counseling: Dr. Bernard Jensen's Approach

This is a course for the student who plans to counsel clients. It covers the digestive processes, bodily functions, and nutritional requirements. Vitamins, minerals, herbs, tonics, broths, wholesome beverages, acid and alkaline foods, and how each is used in the body is examined. Foods and their nutritional content are listed with an explanation of the ways they can be used for healing and maintaining health. A daily food program, elimination diet, fasting, and rules for eating are given. Some iridology methods are included in this course as a tool to assist the practitioner in better understanding the client. The blood and the importance of clean blood are emphasized as the student takes a step-by-step journey through the reversal process and healing crisis.

NU 510 The Chemistry of Body, Mind, and Spirit

Dr. Jensen teaches the importance of taking care of ourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually. He explains the importance of fresh air, sunshine, good water, good soils, whole foods, and positive thoughts. Each of these factors make up a part of the chemical story. We must have healthy elements within our bodies in order to be well. Dr. Jensen believed, after sixty years of practice, that almost every disease is a chemical element deficiency in the body.


CRT 111 Colon Hygiene - 6 Credits

HS 460 Colon Hygiene and Colon Hydrotherapy

The student will study the significance of colon hygiene in health covering areas such as absorption and assimilation of nutrients, cleansing procedures and detoxification, parasites and other related pathological disorders. Therapeutic programs designed to enhance or alleviate these situations will be examined. This curriculum is dedicated to the training of colon hydrotherapy therapists and to a renewed awareness by the medical and natural healing community as to the importance of colon hygiene.


CRT 112 Blood Chemistry and Urine Analysis - 5 Credits

HS 458 Blood Chemistry and Urine Analysis

This comprehensive course provides the BS and ND student with excellent resources on both conventional and alternative scopes of laboratory chemistries. Through reading and audio study, students learn the use of blood chemistry and urinalysis results in diagnosis and monitoring of a patient's health. The course content focuses on assessment of nutritional status and chronic disease through use of basic lab test and presents in-depth study of acid-alkaline diet theory. This course also teaches how to monitor chronic disease states with up-to-date, scientific lab methods.


CRT 121 Polarity Therapy - 8 Credits

HS 681 Polarity Therapy

Polarity Therapy is a holistic health care system based on the premise that we are fields of pulsating life energy made up of specific frequencies known as the five elements; Ether, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. A Polarity practitioner utilizes the tools of bodywork, exercise, nutrition, and verbal guidance to evaluate and balance elemental energies. Today, Polarity Therapy is under the guidance of the American Polarity Therapy Association (APTA) and is practiced around the world. This course meets the standards for Associate Polarity Practitioner set by the APTA. This comprehensive course features Polarity Therapy theory, and energy balancing through bodywork, nutrition, exercise, and evaluation.


CRT 122 Aromatherapy - 3 Credits

HS 466 Introduction to Aromatherapy

This course will provide the student with an overall knowledge of the medicinal and therapeutic uses of essential oils through Aromatherapy. The knowledge gained will allow the student to experiment and make adjustments for personal and professional therapeutic application. As a result, the student will experience a greater appreciation for plant essences in both the personal and professional settings.


CRT 123 Auricular Therapy - 3 Credits

HM 417 Auricular Therapy

The auricle, or ear, is the gateway to total brain function via neurophysiology. The use of the external ear for healing was known to the ancient physicians Hippocrates and Galen over two thousand years ago. It wasn't until 1957 that French neurologist, Dr. Paul Nogier, introduced the modern system of ear acupuncture. This course will examine the ear's upside down fetal-like position and its corresponding body part points.


CRT 144 Natural Childbirth, Obstetrics, and Related Emergencies - 3 Credits

HS 591 Natural Childbirth, Obstetrics, and Related Emergencies

The student will learn the basic knowledge and understanding of the antepartum, intrapartum and postpartum periods of the childbirth process. The perspective presented will be from a midwifery and home birth model of care. Students completing this course will have a foundation with which to begin an apprenticeship if they desire to pursue midwifery. Clinical experience is absolutely necessary to serve as a midwife or childbirth attendant.