Transfer Students

bulletIncoming Credits

Westbrook University accepts approved transfer credits for students who wish to continue their education and earn a degree. All incoming credits are evaluated on an individual basis.

Westbrook University allows students to apply up to 30% of their inbound transfer credits toward their first degree requirements. Incoming credits must be from accredited schools and may not total more than 30% of the core curriculum. Please note that all incoming credits must be submitted at the time of the student's original evaluation. Incoming credits must offset a Westbrook University course and be verified by an official transcript. Download Course Verification Form

Incoming Credits Conversion Table

15 classroom hours = 1 credit hour
15 actual hours = 10 CEU's
5 years career experience = 1 credit hour

Approved for CEUs

For a listing of schools that Westbrook University approves for CEUs, visit Endorsements
Other schools may be considered for approved CEUs. To request a school consideration review, please contact us at:

Admissions Director at 1-800-447-6496

Degree Sequence

Westbrook University's Rules and Regulations stipulate that students must complete their degrees in an orderly sequence as follows:

  • Bachelor
  • Master
  • Ph.D.

A student may not apply for a Ph.D. Degree program unless he or she has completed a Master Degree or the equivalent. An M.D., D.O., D.D.S., O.M.D., D.C., D.P.M., or N.D. degree is equivalent to a Master Degree. Diploma programs are not equivalent to formal degree programs. For additional information on transfer credits from an affiliate school, please contact the Admissions Director at 1-800-447-6496 or visit Academic Affiliations

Credit for Work Experience

Westbrook University is like other educational institutions in that it awards degrees to individuals who demonstrate appropriate levels of proficiency in their fields of study. Experiential credits may not exceed 30% of the incoming credits and may not be applied toward a Doctoral Degree. Such credits may only be considered for the Bachelor and Master Degree Programs. Doctoral candidates are not eligible for experiential credits. The Dean of Students and the Academic Dean will evaluate appropriate documentation for consideration of waived credit hours.

The US Department of Education has mandated that work experience for waived credit hours towards a degree program be properly documented. There are several variations which may be considered. The student will need to submit one of the following depending upon their chosen area of study and whether the work experience is related to the degree the student is seeking.

  • Licensed individuals may need to submit a copy of their license showing the date the license originated. Example: "Licensed since l986 - Valid through 2008"
  • Military personnel may submit their MOS documents signed by their Commanding Officer
  • A letter from an employer stating that the student has been in practice for more than five years (including date of hire) along with a job description and proficiency rating. Work experience of less than 5 years will not qualify nor be considered.