Diploma Programs

bulletSpecialized Areas of Study

Westbrook University offers students highly specialized areas of study in which a diploma is awarded. These areas are designed for the student who wishes to add new knowledge to their current practice or to prepare the way toward a later Degree Program.

Westbrook University offers various Diploma Programs in three areas:




Natural Health





Diploma Programs may be transferred toward a future degree or stand alone. For a complete listing of course descriptions, visit Course Descriptions

Diploma Programs are not certifications. Certifications must be applied for at the State or Association level.

bulletTo Enroll- - Prerequisite- Anatomy and Physiology- the University offers the course.

All that is needed to enroll in these programs is a high school diploma, a completed Westbrook University Application for Admissions, application fee, and appropriate tuition and shipping fees. Visit Tuition and Costs

Books, audio and/or videotapes and general supplies are not included in all courses and may need to be purchased separately. Visit the Westbrook Bookstore