College Admissions

bulletOpen Enrollment

Westbrook University offers open enrollment. Students may register at any time during the year and begin coursework upon acceptance. All registration fees must be paid prior to commencement. Students may take any course and / or courses without enrolling into a full degree program.

bulletRegistration and Tuition

All registration fees must be paid before coursework can commence. Tuition does not include required textbooks, manuals, audio or videotapes or any other supplies necessary to complete projects. Fees are subject to change without notice and apply to all areas of study. Visit Tuition and Costs

bulletHow to Apply

Step 1 A completed Application for Admissions Form and non-refundable fee must be received by the Admissions Director at Westbrook University. Download Application for Admissions Form. Students must complete all sections contained in the form and follow applicable steps. If you need assistance filling out the various forms or have additional questions please contact us at:

Admissions Director at 1-800-447-6496


Step 2 Official sealed transcripts must be sent directly to Westbrook University from each school attended in an envelope from the awarding school. Download Transcript Request Form

Step 3 Three letters of recommendation must be submitted on the student's behalf.

Step 4 A recent colored photo ID of the student must be received by Westbrook University in the form of a government issued identification document (i.e., drivers license, military ID, passport, etc.)

Step 5 Verification of work or military experiences must be received before an application can be processed for incoming credit. If a student requests credit for work or military experience, verification showing the number of years, number of hours of study, and type of experience must be included. The provision for awarding credit is that the work or military experience must parallel the studies in which the student will enroll. All verification of courses studied must be notarized. All completed documents, colored photo ID, and fees must be mailed to:

Westbrook University

Attn: Admissions Director

Step 6 Your application will be processed after all transcripts and notarized verifications of work or military experiences and the non-refundable evaluation fee have been received and evaluated. Please allow one month for this process. Students will be notified immediately upon acceptance into his or her degree concentration along with the credits that have been accepted toward the degree. No more than 30% incoming credits may be accepted toward a Bachelor or Master degree program. Please note that all incoming credits must be submitted at the time of the student's original evaluation. For more information, visit Transfer Students

Incoming Credits Conversion Table

15 classroom hours = 1 credit hour
15 actual hours = 10 CEU's
5 years career experience = 1 credit hour

Step 7 Upon admission, the Admissions Director will forward an Enrollment Agreement which must be signed and returned with the appropriate tuition and fees prior to coursework being shipped. Students have 21 days in which to sign and return the contract before the contract becomes null and void. Students should verify that their name, address, and other pertinent information is correct. Westbrook University's exchange and refund policies are printed on the reverse side of the Enrollment Agreement and are also found at Westbrook Policies

bulletCourse Cancellation Policy

In the event of a course or program being cancelled or archived, Westbrook University reserves the right to teach the course as is or modify the student's curriculum with the student's written permission.

bulletCompletion Requirements

All degrees must be completed within 10 years. Students are required to submit for grading a minimum of one course every six months to remain on active status. Thesis and dissertations must be completed within a two-year time period from the time the thesis is approved. Exceptions to the rule are evaluated on a case by case basis. In the event that a student fails to submit a course in a timely manner, there will be a $25 extension fee.

bulletOther Student Guidelines

Upon enrollment into Westbrook University, students will receive a Student ID Card and Student Handbook which covers the following areas:

  • Faculty Contact Information
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Book Store Information

bulletContact Westbrook University

Westbrook University

Tel 800-447-6496

Administrative Office Hours

Monday through Thursday
9:00 am - 4:00 pm